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Any guides to getting each ending? I've found 2, don't know if one of them's supposed to be the secret ending mentioned above or not. Great game nonetheless!


There are only two endings, the standard ending and the secret one!

Congratulations on finding both!

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Since I love Gabe. I only reach that end now.


Got me a little inspired that I wrote a weird poem.

Look like a letter. 

 ... Meow ...

Sorry Gabe,

For ignore beauty shark,

Letting alone, 

In desert beach,

Surround by sea,

Filled in company,

Of warm sand,

On soft flippers,

Looking for,

With all its heard,

A love company,

Then by express mail,

Sent him a present,

To keep company,

In its lovely heart.

How did you get the secret ending?


become ignorant to the pleads of a clingy character.


Got the ending. That was so mean of you people to Gabe

Why is Gabe so clingy here? 0_0

Cause he is (Gabe Day 2)


furries scare me 10/10 game keep it up :3


this reminds how Nankidai dropped your turn to die to make a beach episode “your time to shine”…


Ah yes, the obligatory Beach Episode where nothing bad happens. 


It's a neat little thing. I was expecting mostly jokes, but was pleasantly surprised by the other stuff in there.

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We have the gang again!! (+ whatever happend to ken)


Why do you hate Gabe so much my guy XD?!


Its was all a collective writing idea.


*Why do you hate Gabe so much my guys, gals, and non binary pals XD?!


Let's get burrowing-Oh wait, Hiro took the line


dig a little deeper




i give this a ZAZA/10


Nice coconuts

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BAM got'em


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You clown 🤡


I'll try to play on joiPlay. I hope a version for Android comes out, but no rush


See Above


no problem. I'll find a way to play another one of your master pieces. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Is there going to be an android build 8)


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All of you are now being tracked by the FBI and the CIA
You're welcome


10/10 would recommend to anyone with taste

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how about you update your mom

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download a new one