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Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsDark, Furry, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Mystery, Psychological Horror, Romance, suspense, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour

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Is there any news on Don's route yet?


The old game is cancelled. Keep your eyes on the upcoming remake featuring all new art, and a new story featuring all the characters from the game.


I'll support whatever decision you make

Can't wait for the new release (:


To anyone reading the comments, the project is canceled, please turn to the updates and read the above update post!


Actually, it looks like the project is having some work done on it looking at Harmonious' twitter! I'm really glad the project seems to be coming back and hope for the best with all involved ^^


does the game have sex scenes?


Please don't pull a Blackgate


i'm really wishing to see new updates to this game i found it interesting and i liked it a lot


Guys, I think he died.


Who? The creator?


you lie


Hi Harmonious! I've played your VN a while ago. Just wanted to know if there are going to be more updates in the future or if the endings we already have are definitive endings. I'm not demanding or anything like that, you obviously have a life and real problems to take care for, is just that I really liked the story and the characters and it left me a bit hyped for more, so I'm a bit curious.

Anyways, I hope you're doing well! See ya ^^


i loved the vn so far 


Ok so I need some help I been trying to get this game to work for awhile but I can't get it to work every time I try and open the game I get this message can anybody help me with this ?

Hi there. Have you tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it? You may have encountered an error downloading it, or installing the APK.

Yes I been uninstalling the game and redownload it and I do have APK but im a little new to it so im still trying to understand it and learn how to use it. When I tried to download it at first it says there a problem but i can fix that part it just when I try to play it thats when it doesn't work and shows that massage. and idk how to fix that part

im starting to get Echo Vibes. I hope its not going to be the same with no good end. I really like Trevor and im worried its going to be another flynn.



Someone in reddit made a post detailing a lot of the game and making some theories about the story.

If anyone is curious, check it out:


I'm "SoBaffled"/ the one that made the first comment on the thread. I also posted some theories o' mine/details I noticed there.


Thanks for the link! I'm the original poster (too stubborn to get a new Reddit account name)

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Spoilers ahead...

Okay, so I played the continuation of Trev's route, and I gotta say, I really don't like the vibes I'm getting from Ollie. He's gone from being protective of Trev over his dad and supportive talking to him when he needs it, to "pushing" him into uncomfortable situations, taking advantage of his nature (the arcade card) and those lines at the end "something to manipulate" and "my gaze is one of love, of course. I only want what's best for him, after all" are extremely unsettling. Not sure how I feel about this...


Spoilers for all routes below.

Think Ollie becomes unsettling in every route tbh, like you said he seems to take on a manipulative persona in Trev's route. 

In Don's route he looks like he's about to become aggressive with everyone except Don.

In Sam's route, he becomes incredibly submissive and let's Sam dictate his choices and do whatever he wants with him.



You know that actually makes me feel a little better, if this is something Ollie is gonna overcome I'm still hopeful of a happy ending between him and Trev. Of course, I can't shake the feeling of an outside influence on Ollie's psyche too, it's the only time he's ever referred to as Oliver as well.


Also have to take into account that there is a 4th route, curious to see where that one goes.


@Korikali @Fenris_72

I've put a few thoughts down on the subject, any opinions?

Fantastic breakdown of Ollie's behaviour, I do wonder how the 4th route is gonna factor into all this though, I really wanted Trev and Ollie to have a happy ending... 

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Contain spoilers

It's cute how don got jealous when the MC likes sam but he is being a fking s**t head when the MC trying to get close to him. 

I love this game a lot. Very interesting story. Just so I don't give any spoilers. Route 1, 2 and 3 have a relationship direction to a certain character but what about route 4? And how can I get to route 4? 

Thank you for the kind words.  Route 4 is accessible  via a special password that you should discover over the course of the game, though you have no real way to access it at the moment without guessing! I'd suggest waiting for the other three routes to be finished before accessing route 4 anyways.


Hi Harmonious, your game is very beautiful, with a really interesting story, that makes you passionate and really intrigued to know how it will end, I hope with all my heart that you will continue.

Poor Trev. I just want to hold him. Really well written. I hope I can help him and please for the love of all that's good. Don't be one of those edgy VN with no good ending. 

Yeah, I don't want this to become another Echo.

exactly Flynn's route destroyed me and as a result I didn't bother with other routes or VNs by them except for Adastra but I heard that's not better so I been holding off on reading it again. 

Adastra is much better. It's pretty sad at points, but it has an open ending with a sort of vision of the rest of your life with Amicus. You don't have any guarantee that it's going play out like the vision says, but it offers hope that it will (unlike Echo). Adastra also has a sequel on the way, too.

nice to know ill try to get around to finish it

Deleted post



Hi, how can I support you with a little tip? :) Other pages have an option to give them or not money in exchange for the game.

I already supported a few other visual novel creators and wanted to make it even. I rather spend my money on all of you than buy useless things, I won't need anyway....


I appreciate the offer very much, but I'm intent keeping BEYOND THE HARBOR non-profit! Please do consider supporting other furry VN devs though, I want to see this genre succeed more than anything else!

If you'd like to help us out though, you can do so by telling people about the game! I want as many people to enjoy it as possible, so I would appreciate your help in achieveing that.

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I know you are not the only one doing so, but I admire it nontheless. 

Look no further than on my profile. It's a start on that. Everyone can look it up and scroll through, there's nothing hidden. It already is an ad, basically. Very soon I'll have more time on my hands, so I can be more active. ;)

If I ever happen to create such a wonderful project, I want it to be as free as yours for everyone to enjoy as well, and I might, because I want to become a programmer.

I know... Our genre is not exactly big, although I imagine it is growing. (The furry fandom anyway) In the last few days new projects started to form. Here are some examples: For Letter Word, Pervader, Hero's Advent and a little bit earlier Shelter, After Years, I.C.O. , Run,Kitty! + Beyond the Harbour, ...


Will Don the Hyena be a romance interest, route?


I'm pretty sure of it, because it creates ground for a more complex or unique route approach. It's like having a divorce, and then bond again. I guess, it wouldn't be too easy to write, but maybe he already has an idea.

Harmonious will probably respond soon.

Btw, can I asked you what your favorite visual novel is, or your favorite characters?

(Deleted post, because I don't like edited ones..)

1st Morenatsu Revisited {not the new one} (Ten Kodori, Tatsuki Midoriya, Juuichi Mikazuki, Kouya Aotsuki, and Torahiko Ooshima in that order) 2nd Extracurricular Activities (Dozer, Harold and Chester tied in first place, then in second Darius, don't like Spencer) 3rd Minotaur Hotel (Asterion and Kota) 4th Tennis Ace (Jun, then Keisuke, then Shoichi) 5th Human Cargo ( Kol, Zed, Razix and Nasir in that order) 6th Kingsguard 7th Wolfstar Sins and Paradise (Dagio, Janus, Hyper and Hugo, don't like Alex the rat) 8th Adastra (Amicus and , 9th After Class (Undecided But all of them look promissing) 10th Shelter (new addition liking Teal a lot, and Rune) so far that's what I can remember over the top of my head. Why do you ask? 

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For me it would be:

Tyson – Password, Carlos – Santa Lucia, Rook – Major/Minor (no spoilers),  Torahiko (Ten most likely too), Jymsar – Pervader, Rune, Andy – Cold: Non-Linear, Angus (maybe) – After Years, Amicus, Murdoch – The Smoke Room, Gear – Uncommon Breed, Gil+Shay – ICO, Akro – Beek. You see, I especially like wolves/dogs.

(In no particular order, just ask if you wanna know why it's them)

If you haven't played Major/Minor, I highly suggest it! Major/Minor tells the most awsome story of all VN's I've read. But... it's neither gay nor nsfw. You can download it from the PlayStore, after all. There's no romance, which involves the protagonist either.
Although, I have to say, Pervader may beat Major/Minor, story wise, in the future. That's only because the writing is that good, and remains to be seen.

Do you know "Guardians of ParVa'La"? The developers abandoned the project, but it's worth checking out.

Also, I haven't played a lot of VN's, like the famous Nekojishi, Kemo Coliseum, Lagoon Lounge or Blood and Lust, because I can't. So, many love interests are yet to be discovered...

Ah, well I tried major/minor and it wasn't my cup of tea (romance has a LOT of importance and weighs heavily in where I like or not a VN) 

Have you played repeat: the visual novel its such a good game and it contains different elements that just make the story beyond what anything I've played before and it comes with a good but supernatural twist

Look no further than on my profile. I'll be updating it, when I have free time.

Hmmm... That's a tough question to answer without going into spoilers. What I can say though is that there is a route that focuses heavily on the relationship between Ollie and Don, it's Route One on the flowchart if you aren't sure how to get there.

What flowchart? Where can I see this? 



Let this devlog be your guiding moonlight.


Thank you. Kind sir! :) 


I hope he will be a romance option.

This might be a bit fast after the recent patch, but will the other characters also get updated sprites? Liking the changes so far!


Looking into editing the other sprites when there's downtime to do so, yes! No date of release on those now, but it's something we're working on in the background.

Sweet! Thanks for the reply, it's good to know ^^

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For some reason it's calling the release 0.1.5 but that might just be a version history?

That's an odd bug I couldn't replicate, is it possible you just downloaded the old version from somewhere? I believe I only made 0.2 available! Were you able to access the 0.2 content?

I'm not sure, what exactly was added in 2.0? I tried to look and see but I couldn't find a changelog per say, what was added?


I figured it out! I just hadn't updated the version number of the android build. It should be fixed now!


Glad I could be of service!

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Hey Harmonious,

I know I mentioned a few oddities with Sam's angry sprite, but after the last update I decided to take a closer look at the sprites of the characters that we've seen and I've noticed a few more odd areas.

So in general I think there could be a few more details added here and there, like shadows and folds in clothing (for example, in Sam's angry sprite, there would be folds where his belly is as he's bending forward and the clothing would bunch up a little) the sprites kind of look flat as they are now (it isn't a major issue though, just thought i'd mention it)

So going back to Sam, in his neutral sprite his left arm looks like it's behind his back as the dominant line isn't from the arm itself, it looks a lot better in his plaid shirt sprite. The same goes for his shocked sprite,  his left arm should be infront of his torso, so the dominant line should belong to his arm, also his left elbow is too low or too big (could be either). This is due to the angle of his body, where his left side is slightly more forward than his right.

For Trevor, the one that stood out to me the most would be that his knees are too high. Also I think his torso might be a bit small (this is with his shirt, I'm not sure what his sprite looks like shirtless so it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me). In his sad sprite, his right elbow is too low, as it should end just where his waistline is.

I've already mentioned Vee in the feedback survey (this was before I started looking extensively at the character art)

In terms of CG, the only thing I noticed was in the image where the MC is standing infront of the beach, he looks like he's missing his right shoulder.

That's as far as I've noticed. I probably sound very nitpicky, and I'm sorry for that, I hope I haven't stepped on any toes with this comment. Please tell me if I've gone too far and I'll stop.

Take care!


You're fine, our sprite artist appreciates your feedback just as much as I do!

In fact, I'd say keep an eye out for an announcement about that very thing pretty soon-ish!

Then I am happy to be of assistance!

Before i forget (again) here are my thoughts on this VN. It feels a bit like Echo, maybe less grungy. Just sometimes can give you that feeling of "what is going on" at times. And i say that as a good thing. I am curious to see where this one goes.


I just finished the most recent update, and i swear at the end i heard the "to be continued" meme in my head.

JoJo invade's every aspect of life. It is simply to be expected at this point.

So, I gotta say I really like this VN, the artstyle is really quirky and cute, the characters (while we dont see much of them) look and sound really interesting in their own rights, and the story seems like it could be interesting, but not much to go on in that department.

As far as I've played, my only gripe would be Sam's sprite for when he's angry? He looks oddly like a toddler when his head is enlarged and his arms are drastically shrunk. It's a minor gripe really, though I thought I should mention it.

Overall I have to say I'm quite interested to see where it goes from here.


Noted! I sent your comment over to the game's artist and she's going to take a  look at potentially improving this sprite sometime in the future. Thank you for your feedback!

Just a quick question before I downloaded and try this. Will the Lizard guy from the pics be dateable. Rats and cats aren't really my thing but the lizard guy is cute. He seems shy and I just want to hug him.  

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Trevor is the focus of route 2, yes!  If you're not sure how to get there, check out this post here: https://harmoyena.itch.io/beyond-the-harbor/devlog/129549/beyond-the-harbor-route-flowchart


It's really good so far, and I am super excited for it's future!


Its interesting for sure but I will say I think somethings need to be explained better your just kinda thrown into all the the mc's weirdness withought context


I enjoyed this, well, as much as there is anyway. Pretty good story. Based on what I've seen so far, this will become one of the better visual novels on here. I only saw one spelling error. (The word "awkward" whenever Sam surprised you after his shower.) I can't wait for future updates, and I'll hope they'll come out decently fast ;). 


Interesting so far keep up the good work!