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Update when chop chop horse boy


Im so confused on the beyond the harbor extra thing. I figured out the password but than I got stuck on this bunch of "r" stuff. I won't go into further detail just cause of spoilers but if the creator can drop a hint it'd help a lot

Did you ever find a way past that screen?

I'm stuck there too.

I did not sadly. It's very frustrating because I really enjoyed the game lol


Too disjointed to follow. 

When I installed it it was glitching out throughout the installment it took like 8 tries but it worked eventually

For the apk version

I've never heard of anything like that happening before.

Is your phone haunted?

idk maybe.


I read the reconcider story.
It would have haunted me to see.. That.

Im thankful for the mysterious voice saving him from that disgrace of a person.


What harbor?

pearl harbor?


OH MY. THATS NOT VERY [[Big shot!]] OF YOU, [[Lightner]].





This isnt a "cope" situation
it was a joke





donovan top tier ngl..


Played the game really enjoyed it so far :) Good, consistent art assets, consistent writing, interesting story and characters, when the game full releases ill definitelly buy it and play the full thing <3

Glad you enjoyed it!


Enjoying the game so far. Don't mean to be pushy, but when will the next update come?


Ideally in a month or so, but no promises. My artist has been very slow providing necessary assets, so development has been stalled for some time. Thank you for your patience.

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Can I translate your VN into Russian? So that more people will have a chance to read the story.

Hello. I saw your comment, asked a few devs I know for information, and saw that you had already been translating my game. Is there somewhere I can talk to you, or whoever you work for? 

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Yes, you can talk to our team leader on Discord(Воробей#9065) or Telegram.


i just played the game...

nothing makes sense. and i love it


I wish I could understand 😩


told you on twitter but i will post here too
this is legitimately one of the coolest VNs I've ever played, and the only one to get me hooked on it's concept. Seriously, play it, its worth the shot. You will not be disappointed.


Interesting username choice aside, glad you enjoyed it!


of course lol


i.......i need so much help. with what, this entire vn, my brain is so fucking confused as to what's happening, and i need help to understand, i don't care about spoilers, i just need something to help my brain understand what i just experience 


Have no fear. Sublime loss of r_______ will heal, as most things, with time.

The fog of confusion is not to be understood, but embraced. Open your heart, drift a little deeper, and join us in mournful bliss.


Veronica is a futa?


She is not.


futanda half taller than oliver for sure. not sure why thats a question tho


wt.f? xD Yk what is a futa, right?


we all know a futa is a girl with a you know what right


is bro too scared to say dick 

Anybody know a furry visual novel where the male mc got a demon book and the demon is control his mom as a vessel but not deadd 


It's called "Book of Lust

Deleted post

Yes. We're hoping to get them out by the next update, but our artist has been very busy.


Sharing another LP of the game, this time a lovely reading by Nero Valzer

Please consider checking his channel out!

Part two

Part three

Part four


Is this game nsfw 




Finally got back around to this! Looking forward to future updates.


Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for playing!

girl help i canot figure out the password for the life of me :o[   would anyone give me just a t e e n y hint because im literally so dumb💀💀

other then that, literally 10/10 game, would sell my soul to the dev😳😳

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Same I can't figure it out lmao someone help us smooth brains I'm begging you


This is a bit late but the password is "my beloved".

wAAA! thanks!

ive got even more questions than answers yet again


I saw some Let's Plays on Youtube and thought I'd share them here, in case people want to check them out before committing to the game.


Wanted to share some fan art of the game, this time by @amehaa__ on twitter!

If you find any other fan art, or make it yourself, please tag me in it so I can see!

Is there a discord server or something?

Sorry, there isn't. Managing a discord server doesn't really seem like it would be my cup of tea. Thank you for the interest, though!

Alright, thanks!

The password in the old Beyond the Harbor wasn't obvious, I was able to find it out regardless though. And now I think I know a lot more about the story than I used to...

Great writing for being able to set up this VN to follow straight off of the previous one.

I refuse to spoil anything for anyone else. I was expecting the result on some level, but I can't say it wasn't incredibly well executed. The best kind of horror/scare is one that the user themselves walks into, and doesn't have a way out until it's too late.

Could anybody tell me what the password is in the original BtH please ? It's probably just my being stupid but I can't figure it out for the life of me...


Who is it that Ollie might follow unquestioningly into the depths, if who it is, is of less consequence than what they are?

Hey is this VN still active?


That's good!  Sorry for the confusion but I have to ask, didn't the creator say it was on an indefinite hiatus? 


I am the creator of the game. The Indefinite hiatus was for a previous version of the game, sorry for any confusion about that.


Wait... Did he say he made an account? On 4chan? o_O


this has been a really fun experience and jesus is the artwork beautiful....definitely some of my favourite character models in any VN


I apologize for being that... person, but i cant seem to find any mention of this in the comments.

Is this VN NSFW?


The VN is NSFW, yes.
Though there are currently no adult scenes.


Any one have a bug on mobile where it randomly crashes.


Sharing another LP series on the game. Please consider giving this person's youtube channel a look.

And part two as well!

part three

part four

Wow...umm...thanks for sharing, dude...wasn't expecting that heh

I really like the lizard but the racist cat is teasing him


Wait till you see the mean yeen.

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Holy shit. This was amazing! I actually loved this! Props to you for being able to make such an incredible game with RenPy. Can't wait for the rest of the story!

Tbh, this is on some Echo/TSR levels of insanity. This is incredible!


This got some major art improvements didn't it? When did it happen?

This latest version, JC and Sam have been upgraded


Congratulations on the release, Harmonbozia!


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2/5, didn't have this sound


Okay, I'll add this sound just for you babe

thanks babe


With the second chapter out, I thought it would be nice to shine a spotlight on one of my favorite readings of BtHr. Worth a watch for sure, if for Blaidd's voice alone.


And chapter two as well!

Part three here


Part four!


Considering the original version of the game is no longer available here, I think it might be worthwhile posting a Let's Play of the old one.

Deleted 1 year ago

Update: It's now available after chapter three.

For convenience's sake, I'll just post the whole streak of them here:


It was inevitable.

Someone really likes house cats in their VNs.

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